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Penguin Tennis Hong Kong
A tennis school that believes tennis is more than just a sport


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Play for fun
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Group/Private classes
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From 0 to 1
From 1 to infinity


Penguin Tennis aims to provide quality tennis education to our students in all ages and levels. We recognized the importance of sports in overall development of a person well-being, including physical, social and psychological aspect. We believed tennis is a good sport to begin the journey. Student's enjoyment to tennis is our first priority as well as skills development. Our young and energetic coaching team hopes to create a positive learning environment in addition to developing a solid skill sets and help students reach their "A" games.

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"We believed every student deserve a chance to reach their full potential in learning, and we hope to foster one of the best tennis learning environment to our students, regardless of ages, levels and learning motives. Teaching students "tennis is more than just a sport" has been the core message that we like to bring forward since day 1. With no doubts, tennis can improve students' physical abilities, but what's more than that was the life-long social and self-management skills that developed. Both of us have started tennis since a young age, the skills and mentality that we developed on the court has now transferred into our daily life. We have been lucky to be in touch with tennis at a young age, and now we wish to create the opportunity for more of you to enjoy tennis just like we did!"

Vincent Chau & Suki Law
Directors of Penguin Tennis HK


"I had a fantastic time at the courts with fabulous coaching and drilling. I love it when drills are mixed around . Hats off to the coach for being so thoughtful and detail-oriented."

Mr. Cheng

(Player from Adult Class)

"My kid had so much fun, she was super happy, and she cannot wait to go again"

(Parents from Preschoolers Class)

"My boy enjoys the class and was having fun"

(Parents from Junior Class)

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